Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Does the Iginla Trade have to do with Dallas?

Assets, hopefully. Really good assets from a few really good teams.

As most hockey fans know, TSN reported that the Boston Bruins had a done deal with the Calgary Flames for Jerome Iginla. A few hours later, TSN recanted, apologizing for the mishap and reporting that the deal for Jarome Iginla was with the Pittsburgh Penguins--not the Bruins. What they received in return was, arguably less than what the Stars saw for Morrow. That is a bit confusing, but appears to be true at this time. You can never be certain with prospects.

The important thing to focus on is the Pens making three clearly depth building, team improving trades in the last week. Morrow from Dallas, Murray from San Jose, and Iginla from Calgary. The Bruins have been in talks with two of those three in Morrow and Iginla. With the Penguins arguably improving their team by leaps and bounds, and the Bruins targeting and failing to get similar players, Dallas is now in an interesting position.

The team currently has Jagr, Roy, and Nystrom that have been in trade talks amongst the fans, and for good reason. All three being unrestricted free agents next year, two of whom are veterans of the league, who could be great pieces to add for a deep playoff run. And the best part of it all? They’re some of the last big names left on the market. With one team snatching up the other names in the hat, the price that the Stars could demand for the services of Jagr and Roy continues to rise.

Roy is undoubtedly gone by the trade deadline--no question there, really. Just a matter of the return. 1st round pick + solid prospect is not out of reach.

Jagr is an interesting situation. Dallas clearly wants to resign him, recently reporting that they are in talks with Jagr’s party for an extension. But at this junction, Jagr--a consistent playoff performer with 181 points in 169 playoff games--could fetch a king’s ransom for a team looking for the experience. A 1st, roster player, and prospect with a possible late conditional pick. Too much? I don’t particularly think so.

When it’s all said and done, the last few games of this season are going to be played by an awful lot of rookies for the Dallas Stars. The breakdown is over, it’s time for the build up.

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  1. The stars won a cup from the ground up, and that's the only way they'll win another one. Blow it up and start over. They've been trying to sign free agents to turn the team around since 2002 without a good core to compliment.